Shipping Info & Labels

Shipping Labels

Download Cliff Lodge Shipping Labels

Shipping to Snowbird

Due to Snowbird’s limited storage facilities, we strongly discourage exhibit and/or workshop material shipments. Snowbird cannot guarantee that your shipment will be accepted without prior arrangements. Please consult your Conference Service Manager. If exhibit and/or workshop materials are shipped without notice a $25.00 per package handling fee will be assessed. Packages will not be delivered until payment has been received.

Snowbird recommends these shipment companies:
ContentGES Exposition Services(801) 908-8822
Modern Display Services(801) 983-8118

Registration boxes and packages up to 10 boxes can be stored free of charge up to five days before conference. A $3.00 per box handling and delivery fee will be applied for shipments exceeding the 10 package limit. Charges must be paid for upon receipt of materials. These will be billed to the group’s Master Account, unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Shipping Companies/Requirements
If there are questions about the status of your shipment, you will need to provide the following information: shipping company, bill of lading numbers, designated address, shipped date, estimated arrival date, account number, and number of packages.

Federal Express, UPS, and Airborne are national shipping companies that deliver directly to Snowbird. Trucking lines that will interline your shipment from Salt Lake City to Snowbird include:

Salt Lake Air Cargo – (801) 975-7772
Transfair – (801) 521-3700
FED Ex Freight – (801) 972-1300
Utah/Wyoming Freight Line* – (801) 973-6585
(*Delivers Wednesday ONLY)

If shipping freight directly, our loading dock hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If alternate times are necessary please consult with your Conference Service Manager to make arrangements. The Cliff Lodge loading dock has a maximum ceiling height of 12’ 8”. Additionally, due to the size and location, large tractor/trailers may not be able to access our receiving dock. Please consult with your Conference Service Manager prior to any large shipments.

Shipping From Snowbird

The exhibitor/client will be responsible for boxing and labeling all return shipments. Snowbird will be happy to assist with labels, tape, etc. Snowbird will assist with delivering items to the shipping and receiving dock for scheduled pick-ups. Please be sure that all old labels have been removed or blacked out.

It is the responsibility of the shipper to make arrangements for return shipments with the appropriate shipping company prior to your departure. Please be sure that information regarding this shipment is submitted to our Conference Facilities Manager.

Preferred shipping options
Federal Express:
Priority 1 (overnight shipping)
Standard Overnight (next day afternoon)
Fed Ex 2 Day (two-day service)
Fed Ex Express Saver
Weight Limit: 150 lbs. Max each piece
Daily pickup 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (weather permitting)
Saturday Delivery/Pickup: $12.50 extra charge

Fed Ex Billing Methods:
Recipient’s Federal Express Account Number
Third Party’s Federal Express Account Number
Individual Credit Card
Group Master Account

1-Day Air(overnight shipping; does not guarantee am delivery)
2-Day Air
3-Day Select
Ground Service
Weight Limit: 70 lbs.

UPS Billing Methods:
A call tag is issued from recipient’s local UPS shipper
C.O.D. Shipment
Group Master Account
UPS Account Number

Liability: Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort will not be responsible for lost or damaged goods.

Any packages left behind will be held for 5 business days, after which Snowbird will consider these packages abandoned and will dispose of these materials. Please make sure that all out- going shipment arrangements have been made prior to departure.